Car Exterior Cleaning

Instructions: If you decide to use a car wash, this does not mean that the car is completely clean afterwards. This often leaves a lot of stubborn dirt on the car, such as insects on the windscreen, bodywork or brake dirt on the rims. This is of course very unpleasant, and a waste of money when you can use the deep clean of Thermostar. So,we offer you the perfect alternative!

Reach for our modern dry steam cleaners. They clean with very hot, dry steam and your car will shine in splendour again with little time expenditure. With this system you don't have to worry about your paintwork as it is very gentle, and the stubborn stains will be no match for the steam, as you only need to use the steam nozzle from close radius for that aforementioned deep clean. After this, just wipe with a microfibre cloth and your car is clean again.

Level: Minimum to maximum steam

Accessory: Steam Lance or Bayonet Lance

Applications Video

Cleanness for a lifetime!