Car Interior Cleaning

Instructions: A proper car cleaning means the complete cleaning of the car. This includes not only the external washing of the car body but also the thorough cleaning of the interior surfaces. This is one of the cleaning procedures that takes a lot of time when washing the car. Especially car seats, whether upholstered with fabric or leather, need a thorough cleaning between again and again, because dust and dirt accumulates over time.

Vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner would be preferred, but this is only a superficial cleaning. The dirt that discolours the seat cushions is still stuck there. Also the trunk should not be forgotten when cleaning, however, this is also usually only vacuumed.

You can quickly and easily clean your car inside with our dry steam cleaners. The result is deep cleanliness with little effort. With the steam cleaner you can clean upholstery, carpets, door linings, plastic parts, dashboard, safety belts, headliners, glass, heating and ventilation outlets and everything is cleaned without problems down to the recesses. And you also save hours of cleaning!

We recommend that you take the triangular brush for normal soiling and clean the surfaces with a cloth clamped in it - for simple fabrics this can also be old towels without hesitation, but for leather and Alcantara we recommend microfibre cloths.

Level: Maximum steam for cloth seats, minimum steam for leather and Alcantara.

Accessory: Steam Lance and Triangular Brush

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